Menu (EN)



Only menu with 8 persons or more


4-or 5 course menu



Tuna carpaccio

with basil and lime, green asparagus and olives




Crisp filled with farm chicken and ham,

foie gras and celeriac




Cod with a tomato puree,

samphire and a sweet mustard sauce




Lamb filet and ragout with gratin,

seasonal first and thyme sauce




Sweet Dessert


cheese pallet (extra + 6,00 euro)




4 course menu ( choice of fish or meat in the main courset )

without drinks € 49,00

+ complimentary wines € 69,00*


5 course menu

without drinks € 59,00

+ complimentary wines €84,00*


* Desert wine is excluded in the complimentary wine formula


à la carte






Choice of starter and main course


Our lunch menu is a combination of season product who are delivered freshly on a daily basis. We try to variate as much as possible to answer to your needs. Do you want to know this weeks menu? Feel free to contact us or check out our menu page.


€ 30






Smoked salmon - marinated with young beetroot and a dip of red onion and dill,

lettuce and sour cream

€ 21,00


Pulled chicken ‘Caesar style’ - crispy bacon and anchovies with avocado,

cabbage salad and pomegranate.

€ 20,00


Scallops with a spicy curry dip, marinated leek and green asparagus,

chorizo and crispy sourdough

€ 22,50


Ravioli with ragout of venison - celery, cranberries and aged cheese



Sweetbreads croquettes with a dip of cress and mustard,

mushrooms and parsley



Autumn Salad with blue cheese - chicory and pomegranate, roasted hazelnuts

and a dressing with honey and dill

€ 18,50








Plaice with crayfish - sauce of grain mustard, puree with peas and

watercress, spinach and cucumber

€ 28,50


Coalfish with shrimps - risotto of wild mushrooms, parsnip and curry

€ 28,50


Sea bass with pesto and olive tapenade - tomatoes and zucchini,

puree and feta cheese

€ 29,00


Rump steak 'Australian grain fed' with a sauce of wild mushrooms, celeriac and radicchio - fries



Wild duck with butternut squash, smoked paprika and sour cream -

romanesco, dried grapes and foie gras



Fillet of venison with chicory - sauce with cranberries, parsnips and Savoy cabbage - pomme dauphines



Risotto of wild mushrooms and parsnip with green asparagus






To ensure everything runs smoothly we ask you to choose from up to six people in three different dishes.


As we work with fresh products, the courses may deviate from their proper description. For information on allergens you can always check with our staff..


From 8 people we only serve our menu.


Restaurant Marché 17


2300 Turnhout

Grote Markt 17

014/42 78 99


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On monday and thursday we only serve a surprise menu.


Follow the chef's choice on a journey through the season and be surprised by the inventive combinations. A four course menu for a killer price!!


€ 45